Welcome World!

intro6Thirteen years of movie locating, hundreds of photographs taken, over 50 film and factual locations visited within the United Kingdom, Europe and North America. FrontLot Movie Location has been produced with the movie location traveller in mind. Each specific movie location will give you a first hand account of what, when and the know how of how to get to your chosen location and indulge in the art form of moving image.

intro5Prior to my first adventure back in 2000, one would find me on a sun lounger on the Mediterranean living it up to that well known saying “Mad Dogs and Englishmen”. Yes that was me, lying on a sun lounger from dusk till dawn, only moving to cool off in the clear blue ocean. Having reflected, on my mindset back then. Reading a guide book or trying to locate a destination was the furthest thought I had in my mind whilst on my well deserved two week holiday vacation from my mundane 9 to 5 engineering job!

To think, a few years older I can’t travel a mile without researching a destination in which I’m visiting. Don’t get me wrong here, I’ve never looked back and regretted any part of my holiday of total laziness, I accept that those past holidays were part of my ethos back then. I now only rest to drink a cold beer, glass of wine or a coffee at a local cafe to draw closer on a plan of action to find that movie location.


I caught the movie location travellers bug back in 2000 when I travelled to the city of ‘Prague’ in the Czech Republic, I remember looking ahead and seeing a trail of people boarding the coach balancing crates of beer, wine and family packs of crisps (that resemble walkers) in their arms. To be honest it was like watching a trail of ants taking food back to the queen. The only differences being each person would be eating and drinking their own wares.


Driving through France, Belgium and Germany 30 hours later I found myself walking across Charles Bridge. The lights glimmering on the cobble stone floor, along with the gentle noise of the flowing river finding the quaint still atmosphere of the Na Camps. Seeing a waiter inviting me into the local restaurant for a beer, that feeling of uneasiness at being somewhere new with locals not speaking much English, unlike that which I was accustomed to from the eccentric waiters/waitresses that we all adore whilst on holidays on the Mediterranean.

This along with the adrenaline rush of locating a specific location on this journey, was the first sighting of the Liechtenstein Palace, (used as the embassy’s frontLot location). It was truly amazing to think that you’ve seen a piece of art and seeing that piece of art witch gave another dimension to the directors vision.


In recent times you see books, web sites, tabloid articles or even apps that give addresses for the movie locations! That gave me an idea to produce something a little differently. I was also 40 last year and I’m guessing like a lot of people who’s hit the big 40, I thought to myself ‘where did my thirties go?’ I’m going to try and document my life’s journey and leave a small legacy that can be passed down to future generations.


There’s that well known saying “life begins at 40,” so, post 40, I’ve climbed the tallest mountain in Wales, rode coast to coast along Hadrian’s Wall, swam in the English ocean on New Years day, also in 2013 I ran with the bulls in Pamplona, just like Hemingway writes in ‘The Sun also Rises’. It seems to be the perfect time to be compiling my 13 years of photographs and notes that will guide you on your own travel adventures.