Outside the Embassy, Destination Prague, Czech Republic

Lichtenstein Palace,
U Sovových mlýnů 506/4 118 00

Czech Republic 221714 444

In my opinion one of the most beautiful parts of Prague it’s so different from what you may have experienced if you have visited the more cosmopolitan New Town. Heading along Charles Bridge West to the Little Quarter Na Kampa on the left hand side of the Bridge is where Voight faked his death. Take the first set of stairs on the left hand side of Charles Bridge, then pause for a few moments as you look down onto Na Kampa, below is where during the mission the car gets blown up during the mission.

Walk along Na Kampa towards the Lichtenstein Palace, just to the left of the Lichtenstein is where the package is in the open and Cruise hears abort. As the marked man vacates the Embassy via the gated area, turn left along the Vtava River for approximately 200 meters and you come across the gated area where the smoking man meets his doom.

Cruise then climbs a rustic gate to escape the local police ambush. The movie location is situated along the riverside, Na Kampa, just meters from the Lichtenstein Palace.

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