The Safe House, Destination Prague, Czech Republic

The Safe House MI Safe House
(Platnéřská, Prague, Czech Republic

During the title sequence to the movie the scene starts with a wide shot which establishes the destination Czech Republic, Prague along with a shot of Prague Castle from across the Vltava River, gently revealing the safe house which is on the Platnerska. The pan reveals John Voight walking towards the house and again you see Tom Cruise return after the failed mission.

The safe house is situated on the foothill of Charles Bridge, the easiest way to describe how to get to the safe house is to exit Charles Bridge from the East Bank, you will be walking towards the Old Town, take the first left on to the Smetanovo Nabrezi and then take the first left onto Platnerska, the Safe house is situated approximately 200 metres on the left.

MI Safe Hose

You can cross reference your location by the spectacular view towards Prague Castle, and the architecture of the surrounding buildings. You will also see that this area has been extensively renovated, however the buildings architecture safe house and the tunnel that Tom Cruise emerges from is still un spoiled.

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