Max’s Headquarters, Destination Prague, Czech Republic

Grandhotel Evropa Praha, a.s. Václavské náměstí 826/25 110 00
Prague 1 Czech Republic

Tel:+420 224 215 387

I started my journey just after breakfast after staying at the Exnol Inn – a good 40 minute walk into the city. I headed to the National Museum to take my picture of the stairwell, then headed North West to the Hotel Europa, not having anything significant to pinpoint the hotel I walked past the hotel three times. Finally I came across the well hidden entrance, panting like a springer spaniel after a day out hunting with his master! It seemed the assistant manager took pity on me, after a debate with her superior I was escorted to the room and stairwell that was used as the headquarter.

Thanking the manager for her time and apologising for the inconvenience I may have caused, I felt a buzz! A buzz like I’ve never felt before, only able to pair it to a childhood memory of being 13 and garden hopping stealing apples from neighbours gardens during early autumn! It was a sense of attaining the forbidden!

The Powder Gate Tower marks the entrance of the Old Town and also shows to be the exteria of Max’s headquarters and also the getaway from the CIA.

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