Mulberry Street Bar, New York

Mulberry Street Bar, 176 1/2 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10013


The bar didn’t stop serving throughout the flight from the UK, having been monitored how much alcohol was consumed by one of the stewards! He did this by ‘catching the ring off the string!’ At first I caught the ring no problem, but as we progressed over the Atlantic the ring became a bit of a challenge! Having landed at JFK I caught a taxi to Manhattan I don’t know why myself and my friends didn’t go straight to the hotel which was on the lower east side, we walked to Grand Central and arrived at The Oyster Bar which was the next stop. The alcohol seemed to flow and taste as sweet as ever and was made even sweeter when my colleagues boss called and asked where he was? He replied “I’m in New York!” The boss replied “oh!” The general consensus was then let’s get the beers in!


After a few hours we arrived at let’s say a well lived in hotel which was located on Little Italy, and just a block from the Mulberry Street bar which made way for so many movies. After finding my wallet that was precariously located underneath my suitcase on the bed, I felt so comfortable that I wanted to share it with the world and his dog, so I shouted as loud as I could “I LOVE NEW YORK” from my 5th floor window down on to Broome Street!

You see Andy Garcia and Sophia Coppola from Mulberry Street taking a look at their roots when looking across the street at their grandfathers Genco Olive Oil Company, which is actually the Metz building and situated on Mott Street. It has to be said the Mulberry Street Bar was undoubtedly my favourite watering hole whilst in Manhattan.


I got to the bar which also housed such films as The Pope of Greenwich Village, 9 1/2 Weeks, Godfather III and of course numerous episodes of the The Sopranos. However on a Friday evening it became a bohemian karaoke bar where myself and colleagues were singing Beatles tracks. Nipping outside I confronted the manager and asked if I could have an interview about the history of the bar? Yes he replied but tomorrow. My persistence didn’t pay off as he said it in that ‘don’t push your luck’ tone to his voice! I’m thinking at this uncomfortable point I’d better not push my luck here! In fact it’s the very luck that has got me into so many private locations prior to this meeting of the boss of one the most used bars in NYC. I did stroll into the bar the next day but I didn’t end up asking Toni for the interview!