Vito Andolini’s House, Forza Di Agro, Sicily

Part of the €100 taxi ride.

g3After finding the Maria Santa Annunziata Church, I pursued a group of locals who seemed to be chatting like there was no tomorrow, whilst showing them my pictures of the doorway and asking them if the doorway from the Godfather movie was shot within Forza di Agro, and still standing upright! The paperwork was taken from my hands and they took over the conversation in what seemed to me to be a heated debate between the locals and in the mix of waving arms, raised voices and thoughout the discussion a lot of pointing! In fact it was just like watching the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz.

g233After 10 minutes of standing pretty much like when you’re at a wedding of a distant relative or friend, the discussion concluded when a local older gentleman took the lead, and showed the way into the narrow streets of the heart of the Forza Di Agro and well into the local community. After 5 minutes he led me into a serial environment the narrowing streets with echoed conversations, but no one around.

The gentleman man pointed at the doorway to Vito Andolini’s House. With a heartfelt “grazie” and a much appreciated exchange of a couple of Euros, the man smiled, tipped the front of his cap and strolled back down the cobble stone street towards the centre.

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