Corleone House, Destination Staten Island New York

Longfellow Avenue, Staten Island, New York, United States of Americag212 After a wonderful hotdog for breakfast at Katz Diner, I headed to the Staten Island ferry which is situated within Lower Manhattan. Having walked down Wall Street, I also took a picture of the entrance to the Men In Black Head Quarters which is the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel Ventilator Building.

After packing my camera away I turned away and headed to the ferry, I got 10 metres away and I heard “Sir, sir, sir!” I thought is this person calling for me? Should I turn around or walk on? I decided to turn around. Good job I did! A police officer situated within the gated area of the location was signalling for me to go back. Here we go I thought! She asked why I was taking pictures of the building? I responded I’m searching for movie locations, this one is used in Men In Black. She said you’re right it is, now delete it! Let’s just say you won’t be seeing that location on FrontLot Movie Locations.

g4The Staten Island ferry is free and will give you a great view of Manhattan Island, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. When I got to Staten Island I was amongst a handful of tourists and I had no idea if the Corleone house was within walking distance or a taxi ride. I walked into a taxi rank which was approximately 15 minutes from the ferry and asked the question. The reply made sense and made the taxi driver $38 plus a tip for a round trip to Longfellow Avenue and back to the taxi rank.


The house is approximately a 25 minute drive from the taxi rank, as you may be aware there were two houses used as the Corleone house. Both are situated within a cul de sac as famous exterior scenes of the house were used and the house next doors garden was used for Connie’s wedding. I don’t know how I got hold of the email of the occupier of the garden used for Connie’s wedding, but he was very friendly and said come and say hello, he also advised me to look out for the brick remnants of the wall that was built, which stretches the width of the road and was left over by the filming of The Godfather.

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