Maria Santa Annunziata Church, Farza Di Agro, Sicily

Part of the 100€ taxi rideg888
Like many Sicilian villages Farza di Agro is set at the top of a hill. The taxi driver pulled up in the what I would say to be the main square and it gave me the chance to get myself together, as this was my second location visited and the evening before taking was beginning to take its toll, with the winding streets on the way up reminded me of travelling along the Amalfi coast!

It seemed like the town knew strangers were afoot and showed its gratitude in welcoming us, with a hymn that was broadcasted through the towns antenna system. I assume it was for us as the square seemed to be derelict at that specific time, and no one else was in the square other than friends and the taxi driver! This somewhat reminded me of “The Prisoner”, I’m guessing due to the sense that we seemed to be watched along with the antenna system. The whole experience blew me away, I felt privileged to have been able to see the village, which was quaint and quiet unlike the touristy town of Taormina.

My first port of call was to shoot the Maria Santa Annunziata Church, where on screen of the The Godfather part II you would find the the young Vincent Andollione escaping past the church front in a basket on a donkey. Maria Santa Annunziata Church is also used in The Godfather part I, when Michael goes to Bar Vittelli, he passes the church and also during The Godfather part III when Al Pacino reminisces with Diane.

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