Restaurant Roma, Venice, Italy

Ristorante Roma,dln6 Cannaregio
122, Venice Italy
Tel: +39 041 715982

Christie faints at the Restaurant Roma. The restaurant is situated in the district of Cannaregio, and sits at the foothill of the Ponte degli Scalzi on the Canal Grande Venice. One of my favourite locations because the restaurant that was used was hidden away towards the rear of the restaurant. The photo with me in it was taken a while back, in fact you can see me and the friendly waiter who is showing me the landing stage where the ambulance pulled up at. The waiter welcomed me with open arms letting me into the empty restaurant taking pictures, it still houses the same decor however its now a storage facility for the restaurant. You are able to venture in to the disused restaurant at the back of the now Restaurant Roma,  but just be aware that you will be asked to order before venturing past the now restaurant!


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