Intercontinental Mark Hopkin Hotel

Intercontinental Mark Hopkin  b10
No. 1 Nob Hill, San Francisco,CA, 94108 USA
Tel: +1-415-3923434

Johnny Ross is spotted by the bad guys in the reception of the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins Hotel, which is situated on Nob Hill, San Francisco.

After the Second World War broke out, the Top of the Mark was a favorite spot for Pacific-bound servicemen to enjoy their last liberty before shipping out. As the ships left the Golden Gate, anxious wives and sweethearts often gathered in the Northwest corner to watch the departure, earning that section the name Weepers’ Corner.


It’s been well documented that when armed servicemen returned they often came back to the Top of the Mark. Whilst in the Top of the Mark they would ask the bartender for their squadron bottle. Once the serviceman signed his name on the label, he could drink from the bottle for free. There was only one catch: the man who took the last drink was required to replace the bottle.


Top of the Mark became one of San Francisco’s most fashionable hang out for dancing and entertainment. Guests included the leading statesmen and royalty, such as Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, Prince Philip, Queen Juliana and Emperor Hailie Selassie.


The Top Mark also enticed celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, Judy Garland, Michael Jackson and the Rolling Stones.

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