Sal’s Pizza Little Italy

369 Broome Streetdb5Between Elizabeth Street & Mott Street
New York, NY 10013
Little Italy
Tel: 212 925-04

Having become well known in and around the streets around the Little Italy district, I knew that this specific location was nigh! The screen shots I had studied confirmed that the location was situated on the corner, and it could possibly be a pizza restaurant on Broome Street. I walked into Sal’s, sat down at a red and white gingham covered table, ordered a pizza, and spoke


to the owner, who confirmed that his restaurant was used as a location for Donne Brasco! The friendly chat, along with the fact that the photographs of stars from the movie hanging precariously on the brick wall, echoed this great location. Wow! There I was sitting inside another movie location, Sal’s restaurant, which was featured at the beginning of Donne Brasco, whereby Pacino introduces Depp as “a friend of mine” to his associates and the FBI stakeout and take photographs from Sal’s of the bosses arriving and going into 173 1/2 Broome Street.



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