Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

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This humble home is situated in the North East of England, Northumberland to be exact. Before we talk about the location, I must share with you the costs as there is an average entrance fee and a car park charge which apply. For those movie location adventurers who are just wanting a quick peek of the castle you are going to be disappointed! However if you buy a ticket you will have a great day out, not only just to Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone or The Chamber of Secrets, but great films such as: Elizabeth, Robin Hood -Prince of Thieves starring Kevin Costner, Ivanhoe starring Anthony Andrews, Mary Queen of Scots starring Vanessa Redgrave and Glenda Jackson and Becket starring Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole! These were also shot on location here at Alnwick Castle.


The castle made for a great setting for the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The entrance to the castle is called ‘the Lion Arch, and looks towards what is called Bowburn Park, which is where you find the dwelling of Hagrid. In fact you see a hump in the grass to the right hand side of the entrance and it was said by a guide that Coltrane walked on top of the hump whilst talking to

hpDaniel Radcliff and Emma Watson during the scene of them leaving the school for Hogwarts train station. You can still see a piece of scaffolding insertions in the Lions Arch itself, which I found bizarre to think this was allowed on such a relic, but it was said that the crew tried to take them out post filming. Unfortunately they couldn’t take them without damaging the structure of the Lions Arch so there they stay, even till this day!

When the Ford Anglia makes a dramatic landing in the whomping willow tree, the location was situated within the Inner Bailey. The Anglia headed away from the ground by vanishing underneath the Lion Arch. The freshers’ first attempt at flying on their brooms was


situated in the Outer Bailey with the barbican and gatehouse and


Abbots Tower making stunning backdrops for the cinematographer. It was also stated that the guest hall was used as a backlot for the train journey to Hogwarts in the Philosophers Stone. I can’t clarify this myself but thought why would a staff member say such a comment if it wasn’t true?! Gullible I think I maybe!

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