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Joe Bradley’s apartment Via Margutta 51

rh4Joe Bradley’s (Gregory Peck) apartment is situated within Via Margutta 51, Rome. Close to the Spanish Steps, the area is known as the artist’s retreat with Fellini, Puccini and Picasso linked to it. Having set up a meeting with Cineroma prior to my adventures, a production company based in Rome, I walked along the beautiful cobble stoned walkways and


popped my head into a doorway of an artist gallery, where voices were heard coming from within the darkened room. I shouted “scuzi” –  and heard a dog barking – that bark getting louder and louder! I ran out onto the sun backed path thinking this is going to be bad, that was until a small Yorkshire terrier followed closely by its owner pointed me in the right direction of Cineroma!! When I met my email pal, we discussed how easy it is to set up a shoot in Rome compared to London.


I was shown a ladder that allowed one to climb up onto the roof terrace, I climbed up a short wooden ladder to the terrace which showcased the roof terraces that were used for the shots outside of Joe’s flat.


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