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The Safe House, Destination Prague, Czech Republic

The Safe House MI Safe House
(Platnéřská, Prague, Czech Republic

During the title sequence to the movie the scene starts with a wide shot which establishes the destination Czech Republic, Prague along with a shot of Prague Castle from across the Vltava River, gently revealing the safe house which is on the Platnerska. The pan reveals John Voight walking towards the house and again you see Tom Cruise return after the failed mission.

The safe house is situated on the foothill of Charles Bridge, the easiest way to describe how to get to the safe house is to exit Charles Bridge from the East Bank, you will be walking towards the Old Town, take the first left on to the Smetanovo Nabrezi and then take the first left onto Platnerska, the Safe house is situated approximately 200 metres on the left.

MI Safe Hose

You can cross reference your location by the spectacular view towards Prague Castle, and the architecture of the surrounding buildings. You will also see that this area has been extensively renovated, however the buildings architecture safe house and the tunnel that Tom Cruise emerges from is still un spoiled.

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The Embassy, Destination Prague, Czech Republic

The National Museum
68 Vaclavske Namasti
Czech Republic
Web: http://www.nm.cz
Email: nm@nm.cz
Tel: +420 224 497 111

The extravagant staircase at the beginning of the mission is located inside the National Museum in the New Town ,East of Wenceslas Square. The filming took place on the main staircase. You will require to pay an entrance fee and if you’re wanting to capture the moment on camera inside the museum you will need to obtain a permit, which is a small fee that will allow you to capture your own keep sake of the grand 1890 stairwell.

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Outside the Embassy, Destination Prague, Czech Republic

Lichtenstein Palace,
U Sovových mlýnů 506/4 118 00

Czech Republic 221714 444

In my opinion one of the most beautiful parts of Prague it’s so different from what you may have experienced if you have visited the more cosmopolitan New Town. Heading along Charles Bridge West to the Little Quarter Na Kampa on the left hand side of the Bridge is where Voight faked his death. Take the first set of stairs on the left hand side of Charles Bridge, then pause for a few moments as you look down onto Na Kampa, below is where during the mission the car gets blown up during the mission.

Walk along Na Kampa towards the Lichtenstein Palace, just to the left of the Lichtenstein is where the package is in the open and Cruise hears abort. As the marked man vacates the Embassy via the gated area, turn left along the Vtava River for approximately 200 meters and you come across the gated area where the smoking man meets his doom.

Cruise then climbs a rustic gate to escape the local police ambush. The movie location is situated along the riverside, Na Kampa, just meters from the Lichtenstein Palace.

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The CIA Meeting, Destination, Prague, Czech Republic

During a meeting with the CIA, Cruise blows up the fish tank in the restaurant, which was filmed in the studios. A cut was used as Cruise runs across the square heading towards the Jan Hus Monument and well worth a visit to see the Town Hall Clock.

I came to the North West of Wencelas Square then took a right on to Na Prikope, my favourite part of the city, the Old Town heading to the Powder Gate. I then took a left onto the Celetna heading to the Starmomestske Namasti thinking I’ll eat here, it would be nice to sit at the restaurant that was situated close to what would have been the restaurant if it was situated in the Square, in fact I had the most beautiful medium rare steak at the Staromestska Restaurant.

As I wandered towards the Old Town I couldn’t help thinking what a transition! Being here in Prague with the sun on my face and families enjoying ice creams in side cafes was such a contrast from the night before. I would be making the same footprints along the same path but not without being stopped every two seconds by some university student trying to make a little money whilst studying, and asking if I wanted anything that you could imagine! In fact there were offers of all kinds of weird and wonderful things that totally made me blush.

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The Safe House, Destination, London, United Kingdom

Liverpool Street Underground Station, Broad Street City of London
Web: http://www.tfl.gov.uk
Tel: 0843 222 1234

The London based Safe House, is situated above Liverpool Street underground station which is accessible via the following lines: Central, Metropolitan, Circle, Hammersmith and City.

miiLiverpool Street Railway Station The Arcade Westfields, Stratford, City of London, E20 1EH
Web: http://www.tfl.gov.uk
Tel: 0843 222 1234

Cruise meets up nearby, here at Liverpool Street Station which is accessible via the following lines: Central, Metropolitan, Circle, Hammersmith and City.

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Cruise says farewell, London, United Kingdom

Anchor Bankside
34 Park Street, Southwark, London, SE1 9EF
Web: http://www.taylor-walker.co.uk/pub/anchor-bankside-southwark/p0977/
Tel: 02035 821 271

Just a short walk from London Bridge underground station accessible on both the Northern and Jubilee Lines, Cruise says farewell to Rameses, a typically English thing to do after a job well done.

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